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Using ultrasonic technology to test pipeline welds has increased significantly worldwide since ultrasonic equipment became available in the 1980s. This was due to considerable improvements made in the development of ultrasonic technology as well as a desire to explore the safety and environmental benefits created by reducing the use of radiation from traditional radiographic methods. As AUT Technology has evolved, it has created an industry desire for its more reliable, time-effective, cost-lessening and better weld defect detecting results. Currently Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT) is recognized as the most reliable and beneficial weld testing method. The preliminary AUT systems used probes to focus ultrasonic beams onto weld fusion line zones. These would then detect reflected energy from any areas lacking fusion.

Eventually more probes were used to determine the volume of welds, as well as to supply diffracted data and transverse defect detection. The complexity of the ensuing systems has led to a necessary demand for highly reliable methods of interpreting and managing the acquired data. The phased arrays used in AUT systems such as UT Scan offer additional improvements over conventional multiprobe ultrasonics and radiography, both for onshore and offshore use. AUT offers the important advantage of process control, as welds can be inspected much more quickly and data feedback is also supplied in this manner. UT Scan's Pipeline Weld Testing Tool, "Plus Weld," automatically collects all AUT process parameters and weld testing results at the conclusion of the pipeline weld inspection.
AUT has proven itself as a successful tool for NDT weld soundness verification and AUT systems such as UT Scan provide a permanent record for each inspected weld joint whereas radiographic film can only be saved for ten to fifteen years. With its compact size, UT Scan can also be used on any project for which a client requires a permanent record of critical weld quality. AUT also saves on overall construction costs by process control and the use of Engineering Critical Assessment to minimize the reject rate.

Other advantages of UT Scan include its ability to detect depth of flaws which radiography is not able to and it can be used at night without the safety hazards associated with radiographic testing methods. Furthermore, the AUT system of UT Scan maximizes POD (Point Of Detection), allows for on-site inspection without disrupting production and is able to easily create customized reports on demand. UT Scan is adaptable for inspection of a wide variety of weld profiles, geometries and wall thicknesses. UT Scan is also the only AUT system on the market which is not susceptible to the problems caused by Radio Frequency interference noise resulting in much improved accuracy of the defect measurements and clearer pictures and improved interpretation of testing results.


UT Scan - An innovative approach to Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT) for your Onshore and Offshore Pipeline Welding projects around the world.

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