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In many countries around the world, millions of kilometers of pipelines were built, many more under construction and many being proposed.The pipelines transport water, crude oil, gas and dangerous chemicals. If the pipeline carrying these chemical and gases burst and leaks it can be a environmental disaster. These Gas, Oil and Chemical pipelines are made from connecting steel tubes of various diameter and thickness (4 inches to 60 inches) by welding. These pipelines are laid under the ground after examining the welds for internal discontinuities such as Lack of penetration, Lack of fusion, gas porosities, oxides, other inclusions and cracks. If these discrepancies are unattended they may burst open and leak the gas or chemical which is being transported through the pipelines. Resulting huge loss of life, money and time. In an attempt to keep these pipelines operating safely, addition to other tests on metals, Non destructive examination on weld has to be performed.
Crawler Radiographic examination, External X-ray examination ,Gamma radiographic examination, Automated Ultrasonic examination, Manual ultrasonic examination, Magnetic particle examination  and Liquid penetrant examination are generally carried out to find flaws in the cross country pipeline girth welds.
MEPTS has highly experienced NDT personnel, high tech equipments and accessories to carryout all the challengers in cross country pipeline Non Destructive testing examination. MEPTS pipeline NDT personnel are well trained to suit the need for the pipelines, trained in the interpretation, evaluation of examination results as per international pipeline standards and specifications. MEPTS provides world class filed proven crawler system for fast radiographic examination of pipeline girth welds during construction of very long distance pipelines of varying diameter and thickness. Diameter ranging From 4 inches to 60 inches and wall thickness up to 25 mm. MEPTS has many numbers of all types of X-ray and Gamma ray crawler to cover a large variety of diameter and thickness.

The crawler system used by MEPTS are qualified by various clients and inspection agencies of various welding process, pipe diameter and wall thickness MEPTS has adequate number of External X-ray machines up to to 300 Kv  capacity, Manual ultrasonic flaw detectors , Magnetic particle yokes and prods, MEPTS also caters  Automated ultrasonic examination through its group company i.e. UT quality(India) Private Limited (A Joint venture company with UT quality Inc. Canada).

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