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  The Objective    
The Internal Rotary Inspection System (IRIS) is a Non-Destructive Ultrasonic Testing method. This advanced technology is generally used for the measurement of wall thinning and pitting due to corrosion and erosion of small bore pipes.
The Solution
IRIS uses ultrasonic technology which makes it possible to inspect a wide range of materials. The Internal Rotary Inspection System probe is inserted into a tube which is flooded with water, and the probe is then removed as the data is displayed and recorded. The ultrasonic beam allows detection of metal loss from both the inside and outside of the tube wall.
The IRIS probe produces very accurate and detailed results. The data can be safely used in integrity assessment studies and remaining life-time calculations.
  Application Range  
This NDT method is generally used for inspection of heat exchanger and steam generator tubes and pipes in the chemical, petrochemical and (nuclear) energy industries. RIS technology can be used to detect and quantify pitting and damaged areas as well as a general reduction in wall thickness, so that the condition of the entire pipe cluster can be charted.
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