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Is performed more and more frequently as clients realize the need to assure proper materials are being utilized in their installations. We utilize the Niton XLP-818 Alloy Analyzer to identify and sort alloy materials using X-ray fluorescence technology. When subjected to filtered radiation of varying intensities, a materials alloy composition can be determined by the fluorescence of the various materials with specified ranges.Positive Material Identification (PMI) is the identification and analysis of various metal alloys by their chemical composition through nondestructive methods. PMI can be conducted on-site or in the laboratory.PMI helps our customers choose the right materials for their application from this vast market. In production, PMI confirms that the materials our customers have received are, in fact, the materials they've purchased. At all stages, PMI services allow clients to build successful business plans for their products and processes.

For petroleum and petrochemical facilities, the emphasis on safety and accident prevention has never been greater - increased public scrutiny, stepped-up industrial safety regulations, and more stringent OSHA oversight and fines.  This means that positive material identification (PMI) in alloys used throughout the physical plant is no longer a choice, but a necessity.  Simply relying on spot testing of parts and subassemblies is too risky and totally unacceptable.  Today's best practices include 100% material testing of all critical materials.
  PMI service is requested:

When working with a part that is part of an assembly or that is too large for shipping.


When a sample cannot be cut for routine testing.


When a mixed lot is suspected.


When material identification/documentation has been misplaced.

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